Publishing a well-conceptualised and well-implemented digital marketing campaign is only half-done. The performance of any digital content heavily relies on the way you preserve it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics reiterates the value of every dollar you invest online. The greatest advantage of Google analytics over other marketing entities is that the surplus it brings can be tracked. It enables you to study the behaviour of every user that visits your website and presents you with enough information to draw behavioural patterns and allow targeted marketing.


We are equipped to track the key metric of the live digital marketing activities across all digital platforms. We review, collect valid data and report our findings to you on a monthly basis. We pinpoint the areas that need to be altered, the things that work and the ones which don’t .The updates  thus  gathered are considered for recalibration.


According to the monthly report, we make changes to the website and keep the content updated and relevant. The findings from the monthly report are taken into account and the recalibration is executed in accordance with the review. The humongous amount of information that gets published online every day will not affect your content as recalibration ascertains the pertinence of it.


The errors and areas of improvement suggested after the recalibration is meticulously altered and improved. We perceive digital marketing as both science and art; therefore we make our efforts scientific and artistic.


Digital marketing does not end at the content going live. It only marks the end of first half; the second half is the maintenance of the digital content and the marketing message. All the reviews, reports, and rectification constitute maintenance. The web is changing every day and your content should change along with it.

Ad Metrics

AdMetrics is essential to measure the effectiveness of display advertisements. We can help you to evaluate the success of any paid digital advertisement, using the key metrics like impression, cost, clicks, visitors, bounce rate, reach, conversion, in the industry. It is sure to benefit you in terms of meeting your budget, assessing the effectiveness of your campaign over your target audience.