After careful analysis and deliberation the programme is now ready for  the promotion.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has evolved to be the centre of all marketing activities. Social media has proven to be an operable and potentially lucrative marketing medium for B2C and B2B organisations of all sizes and reach. We help you jump right into social media bandwagon and to effectively market and to lure your potential customer.

Paid Internet Marketing

Keyword integration and SEO are not enough to drive traffic to your website in the information flooded web. You can seize the extra advantage by resorting to the traditional pay for promotion regime. We fish out the web pages that win the highest impressions, the best results and the maximum return-of-investment for you.

Content Marketing

In today’s world SEO driven world, content is king and it matters the most. We help you craft and promote click-worthy blogs, articles, white papers, podcasts, videos, webpage content, press releases, presentations and much more. We help our clients by producing and promoting targeted content through social media ,paid media, and SEO.

Video Marketing

Videos are the most interactive and engaging media on the web. It has become a key multi-medium for people to satisfy their entertainment needs. Businesses favour video content as their go to communicating tool. We assist you to use this channel in the most viable manner.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but the word-of-mouth wherein a customer is recommended by another customer for rewards. We help you strategise prime affiliate plans where your customer does the promotion for you. Our dexterous marketers will enable the optimum utilisation of the commission fund with a wide reach and maximum return.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is assured to enrich the digital marketing strategy by targeting specific key markets. E-mail has proved to be way ahead of its conventional counterparts. Our Email marketing strategies will help you with the advertisement, sales or donation solicitation, build customer loyalty, and brand recognition. Our full-fledged email marketing services include free newsletter templates, automation, email list management, social integration, real-time reporting and much more.